Big Data - The first in this country to provide real time price indices using Nikkei POS data.

Bubble collapse, 3 tax rate rises, IT bubble, Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers etc. - All the economic phenomenon which happened during the “Lost 25 years” are incorporated in our real time price index data, retail sales data and more than 2000 sets of data which we can provide via DVD-ROM or WEB. This data can be used to analyze the cause of long-term deflation, regional differences of inflation, ripple effect of financial policies etc.


Both selling price and sales volume are recorded. By recording both, it allows for a much greater degree of accuracy.


Nikkei CPINow (the former UTokyo Daily Price Index) releases the prices two days later. Very useful for providing rapid pricing.

Long-term time-series

All the economic phenomenon since 1989, including the “Lost 25 years”, have been incorporated. Unique among all kinds of indices that covers such a long time.

To acquire economic information accurately and more quickly,
Nikkei CPINow contains two kinds of indices.

*S-index is no longer available since the 2021 service revision.

Nikkei CPINow
  • A “True price index” which uses POS data that contain both the selling price and sales volume.
  • It uses the Törnqvist index--one of the indices that has the most desirable property in the theory of index.
  • All prices of products sold in supermarket are released two days later.
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Nikkei CPINow
  • A kind of CPI based on Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications which uses POS data and Web-Scraping.
  • Uses the same products of brands designated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • Collects data in the same way as Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • Publication of results is one month ahead of that of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
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Our samples contain Since Aug. 1st, 1989 Number of records More than 6 billion
Number of stores About 800 Number of products About 2.65 million
※Nikkei CPINow extracts and uses the POS data of Japan’s supermarkets provided by Nikkei Inc.
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Want to know the fluctuation of commodity prices and the item-specific prices in some region?
Here tells you the trend of supermarkets’ commodity prices of the whole country.

Make it possible to investigate the real cause of deflation by using index formula and full investigation.

Nikkei CPINow is a price indicator called Törnqvist index which has the most desirable property in the theory of index. In order to cut down on expenses, statistical department of each country do sample survey of the objective products. By contrast, Nikkei CPINow uses POS system to collect information online so it’s possible to investigate all the products sold in supermarkets instead of sampling (full investigation). It’s the main difference between Nikkei CPINow and the existing indices and it has effect on improving the accuracy so it becomes possible to analyze the true cause of deflation. To see details about Törnqvist index, please click here.

Make it possible to do multiple analysis by using our plentiful data set.

As we provide more than 2000 pieces of data of commodity prices・sales which contain not only “CPI” but also “region-specific・city-specific”, “item-specific”, “General price index”, “sales”, “index based on Laspeyres index” etc., it’s possible for you to do a comprehensive analysis.

Including the Bank of Japan, policy authorities use our data for policy considerations.

Nikkei CPINow was quoted in Mr. Kuroda’s lecture right after the introduction of Negative Interest Rate Policy, gist of policy decision conference, press conference and so on. It's actually used by policy authorities for policy considerations.